Tuesday, 21 May 2013


   mini sheep drawings, simple, small, ink 
made into stickers - moo.com

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

You Should Always Visit The Bookshop

  I'm one of those people who absolutely love books and reading so I usually find it hard to go past bookshops without popping in for a quick nosey. The same applies to charity shops as you can find some great books that already have a character. They are also a lot cheaper buying from charity shops and the money goes to help other people. Normally whenever I visit a museum or gallery one of the things I will always do is to visit the book/gift shop. I don't always buy something but I do jot down the titles of books I think are interesting.

  On my recent London trip where I visited The British Museum and The National Portrait Gallery I was in the latter's bookshop and came across a few books as well as a few artists in particular that I just had to write down to look at later.

Head to hand - David Strauss
Manawa Pacific Heartbeat
Monsters, a bestiary of the bizarre
Art and Science now
Just draw it!

  scott snibbe - shadow bag 2005
  jason lewis - ibtralocutor 2006

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Sheffield Zine Fest!

  Some exciting news!

  This Saturday (16th March) will be Sheffield's first zine fest.  Sheffield Zine Fest is at Electric Works (near the bus interchange and train station). It's open 12 - 5pm with a number of activities such as workshops and brief talks.

  There will be a number of zine makers, collectors and fans there including a good friend of mine Kris West who has a number of great zines on sale. Her zines are brilliantly funny and she has a number of interesting stories to tell about her recent time in America working with the zine communities over there. (Ask her what she thinks of using craigslist to find housing!)I recommend going down to have a good look, read and chat with everyone there. I know I'm going to pop my head in at some point.

  If you're new to zines, already know the difference between a fanzine and a perzine or just want to see what some of the creative people in Sheffield are up to I urge you to visit this fantastic event. If you look at the Sheffield Zine Fest's Blog (link at top) you'll be able to see all the contributors and their websites/blogs which are definitely worth checking out.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Critique 11/03

   I had my first proper crit session in a long while today. I was sharing the time with Toni Buckby who graciously let me go first. We had a new member of staff with us for this crit so we had to explain how things were run round here (well certainly how we run things).

  At first I was a bit confusing in how I was explaining things as I was trying to describe my past work as well as my present work simultaneously. However once I got into my stride I started making more sense. For my peers in the same year it was easier to  understand the context and provenance of my work whereas the year below have had little dealing with my past work and found it difficult to see how it all conected. These two differing views are helpful to have as you can see how your work would appear to the general public (who are unlikely to be familiar with your work) and your peers can help you connect the dots.

  One of the things that was mentioned about my work was that I needed to include solid references to my past work to enable the viewer to realise that there was more to each item and how it all fitted together. I had already thought of a number of ways of doing this and once I have listened back to the recording of the crit I will no doubt be able to make more concrete decisions regarding what will get included in the work. 

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Must Stay Awake During My Tutorial!

  I recently had a tutorial with one of the lectures I rarely have anything to do with. Now this lecturer is fairly nice it's just the way he talks that puts me off. He talks real slow, with almost gaping chasms between words at some points which makes it hard to keep a track of just what he's saying. The other distracting thing is that as he talks his face kind of does this series of movements where his eyes close and go halfway and his head moves about a bit so it looks like he's nodding off. Some people say he talks so slowly he puts himself to sleep!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


  As part of my course this year (2012 - 2013) I only have two modules to complete; a placement module ending with a presentation and report as well as a studio module culminating in a degree show. 

  The placement module would kick off first, running from September to December. The presentation and subsequent report would happen in early February and March respectively. The studio module would start when we came back from Christmas break and would last until the end of the academic year.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Away To London!

  During my placement I decided that I needed to get away from Sheffield for a bit to get a new perspective on things as well as have a break from work. My friend suggested a few day trips to London where she was doing her placement to go immerse ourselves in the art and museums we both love.

   Over the course of three seperate trips to London I visited The Natural History Museum, The V&A, The British Museum, The Grant Museum. I really enjoyed being able to see some art again as well as have the space to think about a few ideas away from all the stress and complications back in Sheffield.

  We also got the chance to visit Cass Arts and stock up on supplies such as sketchbooks, pencils and other arty items.

  Whilst it was tiring travelling by coach (cheapest way to get there and back) and working the trips around going to my job I am very glad I did it as it gave me a much needed break as well as the chance to gather information, ideas and images for future use.